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Home » Orgasm: The Cure for Hunger in the Western Woman by Nicole Daedone (Transcript)

Orgasm: The Cure for Hunger in the Western Woman by Nicole Daedone (Transcript)

Nicole Daedone

Full text of founder and CEO of OneTaste, Nicole Daedone on Orgasm: The Cure for Hunger in the Western Woman at TEDxSF conference.

Listen to the MP3 Audio here: Orgasm – The Cure for Hunger in the Western Woman by Nicole Daedone


All right. Okay. My subject is a little bit more challenging to introduce. I’ve been doing radio interviews lately and noticing that the interviewer will spend the first 40% of the interviewer preparing the listening audience for me to come on. They’ll say things like “Ladies and gentlemen, the author of Slow Sex: the art and practice of oh…. Nicole Daedone”.

So I figured we’re TED people. We’re fast, we’re savvy, we’re smart. So I’m just going to break the ice first, OK? My topic is female orgasm.

So that said, I want to thank the people of TEDx for having me on the stage. This has been a dream of mine that I thought was absolutely impossible. That we could have a relevant, intelligent conversation about female orgasm was just a distant dream for me. I just fell in love with this practice. That’s what happened for me. I gave nearly 10,000 hours to this practice. That’s a lot of hours. A lot.

But I learned some key things in that time that I am bringing to you. The first is that female orgasm is vital for every single woman on the planet. The second is, is not so bad for the guys either. The third, and on a much more serious note, is that it roots our fundamental capacity for connection. It’s for this reason that I believe that at some point you will hear Yoga, meditation and orgasm. And you won’t hear it Yoga, meditation and orgasm.

So, in 2004 I founded OneTaste Urban Retreat Center with this in mind. OneTaste comes from the Buddhist expression “Just as the ocean has one taste, the taste of salt, so does the taste of liberation, the taste of truth”. And I felt like I have tasted a truth that was so undeniable I had to bring it to the world. I was absolutely clear on this. Mind you, not everyone was.

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We had lectures, we had courses, we had what every orgasm study needs. We had a residence. It was insane by pretty much anyone’s standards and we had the lack of clientele to prove it. My business partner has journal entrees that say things like, “Two people showed up to the business this week. The first was the postman, the second was a wrong address”. Crickets. So I began to question whether or not this brilliant life altering notion that I had was actually right. And I began to give up. Until all of a sudden, in some odd storm, the New York Times discovered us.

And when that happened, people began to flood into our doors. Person, after person, after person. And fundamentally each person was saying the same thing. They were saying some version of “I’m hungry”. There’s this gnawing sense of hunger that I can’t quite reach. I don’t know how to touch it.

So I was very clear, and I would say to them “orgasm” and they would say “Haa?” And I would say “orgasm” and they would say “haa?” Because at the time what happened was they were hearing the toxic mimic of what I was talking about. Because that was the only thing that had been ever given to us. They were hearing sort of like this exaggerated version where you imagine like sex toys and boas, or the other version where you have to call your genitals weird things and you use different kind of spiritual names and stuff. But nobody was actually just imagining playing good, clean, everyday orgasm as I was talking about it.

And it was for this reason that people were coming to me saying things like “I’ve been married to my partner for 28 years and we haven’t touched for 18”. Or women were coming to me and saying, “I just roll over at night and I hope he doesn’t touch me because I don’t want to fake it again”, Or men were saying, “I want to do everything to please her and I cannot figure it out”,

Or more commonly, woman after woman was coming to my office and there was chanting, what I call The Western Woman’s Mantra: I work too hard, I eat too much, I diet too much, I drink too much, I shop too much, I give too much. And still there’s this sense of hunger that I can’t touch.

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So, when I first discovered this thing — this thing that’s called Orgasmic Meditation — this practice, I was fairly smart, I was fairly savvy, it wasn’t like I grew up in a convent, I had a great sex life, I had all the climax I could ever want. And still I had never experienced anything like this.

It happened like this: I went to a party. Orgasm is compelling enough for me to unveil myself. I went to this party and I met this guy, which sounds typical, right? This wasn’t a typical guy. So he said: “I’d like to introduce you…” oh! you could use this line if you want. I’d like to introduce you to this sexuality practice and I said “ha?” and he said I’d like to introduce you to the sexuality practice.

And then he said “OK, you are going to take off your pants. And I am going to leave my clothes on. And then you’re going to lie down and I am going to put all of my attention on you for 15 minutes”.

“OK… “

“And then, at the end of it, you’re free to go”

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