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Home » Sarah Liberti on Casually Suicidal at TEDxAdelphiUniversity (Transcript)

Sarah Liberti on Casually Suicidal at TEDxAdelphiUniversity (Transcript)

Sarah Liberti

Sarah Liberti – TRANSCRIPT

I’d like to start off with a joke. What do you call a student of music with a 40? Suicidal. Oh my gosh, you laugh. But I’m sure most of you are very uncomfortable right now. Let’s just linger in this discomfort. I’m also sure I heard your laugh, so some of you found humor in that.

But maybe some of you related to that in one odd way or another. Discomfort, humour, relatability often run hand in hand when we talk about the big scary s-word: suicide.

My name is Sarah, and everything pertaining to that “joke” relates to me. I’m currently in my fourth year studying music here. I really do have a 40 right now, and I have danced with depression and the very dark intrusive thoughts that come along with it.

As I scroll through social media and hear conversations between people, I realize that suicide is something people are actually joking about and people are actually laughing about. It makes me wonder what made suicide such a casual thing to tease about.

Well, have I brought some examples? Let’s take a stroll through our social media together.

Facebook “I’m pre-peared to die”, “I want to pickle-d myself”, “I tomato-ly want to die”, “I have no raisin to live”, “I avocado-n’t want to be alive”, “I want to corn-mit suicide”, All right Onto Yik Yak – an App the allows you to anonymously confess things, You can search by region, and I searched under Adelphi’s tag, “This class is going to be the death of me.” Smiley face gun emoji, that’s a popular one. “I’m so lonely.” “At that point in the semester where I don’t look both ways when I jaywalk”. “I sometimes cut my arms but lately I’ve been thinking about cutting my wrists”.

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