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Home » What You Are Missing While Being A Digital Zombie: Patrik Wincent (Transcript)

What You Are Missing While Being A Digital Zombie: Patrik Wincent (Transcript)

Patrik Wincent at TEDxStockholm

Full text of psychotherapist Patrik Wincent’s talk: What You Are Missing While Being A Digital Zombie at TEDxStockholm conference. In this talk, Patrik takes us on a journey through his own Internet addiction, and gives us valuable tips to avoid becoming digital zombies.

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Patrik Wincent – Psychotherapist

So before I start, I would like everybody to take out their phones. Pick it up and then give it to the person on the left or the right. It doesn’t matter which one as long as you don’t have your own phone on you.

And don’t worry, you’re all going to get your phones back. So don’t worry about it. OK.

So now put your phones back into your pockets. And take a deep breath…

Welcome to the Old World.

So this is me being an Indian. I grew up in the south of Sweden and I loved playing cowboys and Indians. I thought it was great fun.

And I lived where there was a lot of nature; used to ride bikes and skateboard. And this goes out to the younger generation. We hardly had any technology at all. We had one TV and two channels. And we had a phone stuck on the wall. And sometimes when it rang, we didn’t even answer the phone.

And I know is shocking, but it is true.

And then computers came into my life, such as Atari and Commodore 64. And I was blown away. And the old world, as I knew it, was gone.

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