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Get Serious, Get Smart, Get Going! Kathleen Murphy at TEDxBeaconStreet (Transcript)

Kathleen Murphy – TRANSCRIPT

Unfortunately, I am going to be discussing something you’re not supposed to talk about in a polite conversation: money. Now as the song goes, “you work hard for your money.”

My talk is about trying to get your money to work hard for you. And I know that for many, the topic of money can be intimidating or boring. But here is what’s not boring. Buying your first house. Sending you kids to college. Starting a new business that you are passionate about. Or being able to retire comfortably.

So, like it or not, money funds your life, and fuels your dreams. It also creates choices, so that choice of whether to buy a house or which house to buy, the choice about starting that new business or retiring early, it’s all about taking the time to understand your financial situation and how to invest, so you create those choices for yourself. So I want to talk about making sure that people do focus enough on that.

And some people say, you know, “Geez, how did you get started in all of this?” In my profession as John said, we have millions of investors as clients and I see a full range of clients so, so many do it exactly right and are well on their way and all set, but there are so many heartbreaking examples of people who work really hard but then don’t spend the time to figure out once they make that money, how to invest it to make it last a lifetime.

So my profession is also my passion. It’s about a focus on creating better outcomes and brighter futures. So how did it all begin for me? Take you back to a small town in central Connecticut where I grew up. My dad was a salesman who loved his job and was fiercely loyal to his wife and six kids.

My mom was a nurse. We didn’t have a ton of money, but we had a sort of a ¡Brady Bunch existence, ‘ we had a great time and we were very happy. My mom and dad instilled important values in all of us, the importance of hard work, getting an education, giving back, landing a good job. We were thrifty, and we had a focus on making sure we were saving enough. So we focused on the fundamentals but in the retrospect, there was one fundamental that we overlooked, and that’s what to do with that money that we were saving, how to invest to last a lifetime.

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