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Home » Near Death Experiences – The Comfort They Bring Me: Torbjørn Dyrud (Transcript)

Near Death Experiences – The Comfort They Bring Me: Torbjørn Dyrud (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of Torbjørn Dyrud’s talk titled “Near Death Experiences – The Comfort They Bring Me” at TEDxArendal conference.

Torbjørn Dyrud’s talk, “Near Death Experiences – The Comfort They Bring Me,” delves into the profound impact that near-death experiences (NDEs) have on his outlook on life and death, particularly in the face of his cancer diagnosis.

Dyrud, a musician and composer, not a scientist, finds solace and a broader understanding of reality through the stories of individuals who have undergone NDEs. These accounts, characterized by feelings of unconditional love, calm, and contentment, challenge conventional scientific understanding of consciousness and the brain. Despite the lack of scientific explanation for NDEs, Dyrud is captivated by the consistency and clarity of these experiences across diverse backgrounds.

He appreciates how these stories offer a perspective that transcends the fear of death, providing comfort and a sense of a wider reality beyond physical existence. His engagement with NDE narratives serves as a mental refuge and inspires a hopeful view of death not as an end but as a transition. Dyrud’s talk underscores the importance of openness to the inexplicable aspects of human experience and the value of spirituality in enriching our understanding of life and death.

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Introduction to a Near-Death Experience

A man is taken to the cardiac intensive care unit at a hospital in the Netherlands. About an hour earlier, he was found unconscious in a meadow. He’s not breathing, he has no pulse, he’s in a coma, and he’s starting to turn blue. He is very close to dying. In order to intubate him, one of the nurses takes out his dentures, his teeth, and puts them in a drawer.

They connect him to a ventilator, and after an hour and a half of heart compressions, they’ve regained his pulse and his blood pressure, but he’s still in a coma and unable to breathe on his own. After a week, he wakes up and is transferred from intensive care to the cardiac unit. The nurse who gives him medication there is the same one who removed his dentures.

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