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Home » Psychosis: Bending Reality to See Around the Corners: Paul Fletcher (Transcript)

Psychosis: Bending Reality to See Around the Corners: Paul Fletcher (Transcript)

Paul Fletcher at TEDxCambridgeUniversity

Full transcript of neuroscientist Paul Fletcher’s TEDx Talk on Psychosis: Bending Reality to See Around the Corners @ TEDxCambridgeUniversity conference.

Listen to the MP3 audio: Psychosis_ Bending Reality to See Around the Corners by Paul Fletcher @ TEDxCambridgeUniversity

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Paul Fletcher – Neuroscientist

I am going to talk about psychosis.

This is an experience or a phenomenon that’s associated with a number of psychiatric, neurological, and physical illnesses. But it’s something more than that, and it’s something that I want to persuade you is actually highly related to the way in which we process the world day-to-day trying to make sense of its complexities.

Psychosis is a much misunderstood, much misused, much criticized term. It’s actually a description, a broad description, not a diagnosis. And it refers to a loss of contact with reality, whatever reality may be.

The textbooks say that there are two key characteristics. The first is hallucinations. People may hear, see, touch, taste, feel things that aren’t apparently there. The other phenomenon is the delusion, a seemingly irrational belief that arises without good evidence.

And it’s held in a way that seems to be impervious to evidence that contradicts it. So that’s the dry textbook definition.

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