You Can Do It by TD Jakes (Transcript)

TD Jakes

Here is the full transcript of powerful and motivational speech given by TD Jakes on You Can Do It.

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TD Jakes – Pastor, author and filmmaker

The most powerful tool that you have right now in your life, in your body is your mind. That’s why the enemy fights you in your mind. The devil doesn’t have to tie you up for you to be bound, he just has to tie up your head with stress, with worry, with aggravation, with low self-esteem, with pettiness, with anger, with hostility, with rebellion and he can make you physically sick because your mind is sick.

Lay your hands on your head and say give me a new mind. Give me a new mind means give me a new perspective. Give me a new perspective, give me a new way of looking at my situation. Give me a new way of looking at my circumstances. Get my mind ready for this year, because when I get this year there’s going to be blessings, there’s going to be miracles, there’s going to be opportunities.

Oh yes, there’s going to be some struggles, there’s going to be some challenges, there’s going to be some tests, but even the struggles are an opportunity for me to show off the victory if my mind can handle the change.

[If you can take it, you can make it. You can take it. You can make it. All right, you train, you fight way harder than those other guys and you win. You get out from under them.

You can take it. You can make it. You can do this. You just got to believe you can.]

There are some things I’m not taking with me in the new year. Everything that’s been flexible and everything that’s not ready and everything that’s backwards and everything that’s negative and everything that’s condescending and everything that’s carnal and everything that’s holding me back, I refuse to take it over into another year and waste another new year with an old mind.

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Don’t shape yourself around the comings and goings of this world. Don’t shape your opinions and your attitudes around circumstances that you cannot change.

If you go into another year and waste another year with the old mentality while somebody’s in the hospital begging God for the opportunity that you have right now, you better step into this moment.

As soon as you decide to stop looking for answers in other people and miracles somewhere down the yellow brick road and click the heels of your mind you could have been free years ago.

As soon as you get your mind out, you can get your money out, you can get your family out, you get your job out, you get your career out, you can get your health out, you can get your prosperity out. If you can get your mind out no devil in hell, no weapon for him to get you, no enemy that hates you, no witch that hexes you can stop you from being free.

If you can get your mind out, grab yourself by the hand and say, we’re coming out of this! Tell them I’m coming out headfirst.

I will not face a giant without you. I will not make a major decision without prayer. I will not bring somebody into my life just because they please me. I’ll submit myself, my destiny, my future over to you. You are my foundation, you are my rock, you are my fortress, you are my strength, you are my defense, without you I can do nothing. You are the subscriber of every dream I have ever dreamed in my life and I will take no proposal you don’t want me to have and I will accept no friend you don’t want me to have. You’re my rock!

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