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Home » Free Your Mind To Evolve Faster: Reboot, Rewire & Rethink: Scott Ely (Transcript)

Free Your Mind To Evolve Faster: Reboot, Rewire & Rethink: Scott Ely (Transcript)

Scott Ely at TEDxNorthwesternU

Full text of mind hacker Scott Ely’s talk: Free your mind to evolve faster: reboot, rewire & rethink at TEDxNorthwesternU conference

Listen to the MP3 Audio here: Free your mind to evolve faster reboot, rewire & rethink by Scott Ely


Scott Ely – Author & Mind Hacker

Good afternoon. Hope I can live up to that introduction. I should have set the bar low and had these guys say something like Scott Ely is alive and lives in Chicago.

So how’s everybody feeling? You got enough mental energy left for one more talk?

I promise I’ll make it as engaging as I can. And, but I’m going to try to make you think.

So I’m going to try to question that mental capacity that we just say we all have some left of, because it’s important to take a look and see if you’re chained by chaos.

So by chained by chaos, I mean, all these things we put into our lives that hold us back, that take our time.

Our lives, our collective train of thought are derailing, and it’s likely there’s going to be no survivors unless we intervene.

So what if your mind could be as free as the feeling of standing at the top of a mountain?

What if you could make it through this whole talk without wanting to grab your phone even once and check your email?

What if the more that you want out of life was as simple as not being held back by these chains?

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