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Home » Full Transcript: Victor Davis Hanson on “The Case for Trump”

Full Transcript: Victor Davis Hanson on “The Case for Trump”

Victor Davis Hanson on The Case For Trump

In this fireside conversation, Victor Davis Hanson sits down with Peter Robinson to chat about his motivation to write a book making a rational case for those voters who chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

PETER ROBINSON: Welcome to Uncommon Knowledge. I’m Peter Robinson. A fellow at the Hoover Institution Victor Davis Hanson is a classicist and military historian who has published more than two dozen books, including A War Like No Other, his acclaimed account of the Peloponnesian wars.

Dr. Hanson’s most recent work, The Case for Trump. Victor, welcome.


PETER ROBINSON: You write, right here, of Donald Trump that he is… and I am quoting you Victor, “vulgar, uncouth and divisive”. You also write that you voted for him. Casting that ballot, how much regret, how much cognitive dissonance, how hard was that for you?

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Well, I have no regret. It was very easy, because the alternative was Hillary Clinton. And I did take him at his word that his promises would be largely kept or attempted to be kept. And then when I used those words in the larger context, I think I was comparing them to what…


VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: To JFK’s frolicking in the pool, to LBJ’s exhibitionism, to Bill Clinton… I don’t mind to mention Bill Clinton. But I think we have historical amnesia about what presidents are. I would have liked him to be a sterling morale, exemplar like Jerry Ford and Jimmy Carter but I am not sure there’s any equation there between that type of character and dynamic leadership… can all be wrong with Reagan after all, a sterling character and an effective leader.

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