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Home » Howard Martin: Engaging The Intelligence of the Heart (Full Transcript)

Howard Martin: Engaging The Intelligence of the Heart (Full Transcript)

Full transcript of author and HeartMath founder Howard Martin’s TEDx Talk: Engaging The Intelligence of the Heart at TEDxSantaCruz conference.

Howard Martin – HeartMath

Thank you very much for the warm welcome. It’s an honor and a privilege to be here in my home community, talking about the thing that means the most to me, which is my heart.

And this journey goes back a long way for me now, over 40 years: I started when I was three. But a long time now.

And it started with a couple of realizations. When I was a young man, I realized that life, for me, had to be about continuous growth. That was what was most important.

That seemed to be what life was about, what everything around me was trying to do, whether they were conscious of it or not.

And I also realized that life had to be about service to others. So whatever you gained, you needed to find a way to give it. It was an incomplete feeling or incomplete circuit, if you didn’t give back something from what you gained in your life.

And that process led me to a discovery of heart, an exploration of heart which has been my life’s work.

But enough about me, except one more thing I should tell you, and that is, is that I’ve lived here proudly in Boulder Creek now for 21 years, but I’m originally from the south.

So I think it’s an important time to be alive. We’ve reached the critical juncture where humanity is making choices, where there’s a revolution unfolding socially, spiritually, consciously — all kinds of different ways it’s happening.

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