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Full Transcript: Just Do It Speech by Art Williams

Full text [Edited verbatim transcript] of Art Williams’ famous speech “Just Do It” addressed at the 1987 National Religious Broadcaster Convention.

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Introducing Speaker: Art Williams has spoken to many business groups throughout the years. The following speech was delivered to the 1987 National Religious Broadcaster Convention and has become a classic example of Art’s philosophy on winning in business. It is simply entitled “Do It.”

Dr. Jerry Falwell, Chancellor of Liberty University introduces Art Williams.

Dr. Jerry Falwell – Chancellor of Liberty University

15 years ago, he was a high school football coach. His wife Angela was teaching English in high school. He got an idea — just an idea — and ten years ago he turned that idea into a company, a concept, a practical concept.

Ten years have passed. 150,000 people work for him now. Last year he sold $77 billion worth of insurance. This year $100 billion — that is more than Prudential and New York Life, number one and two combined, in ten years. He’s from Monroe, Georgia. He has the dialect to prove it.

He, this year, will sell a hundred billion dollars’ worth of insurance and revenues $2.5 billion. And he’s just now beginning to dream to plan to go. Art and Angela Williams have two precious children, Art III and April, their daughter. He is chairman of the inner circle of our ministries. At a personal note, dear friend. He is a born-again Christian, as each of his family members, but he’s an entrepreneur and Dr. Armstrong has asked him to come tonight and talk to you about what he knows most and best about.

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