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Home » Lars Sudmann: Great Leadership Starts With Self-Leadership at TEDxUCLouvain (Transcript)

Lars Sudmann: Great Leadership Starts With Self-Leadership at TEDxUCLouvain (Transcript)

Lars Sudmann at TEDxUCLouvain

Here is the full transcript and summary of leadership expert Lars Sudmann’s TEDx Talk: Great Leadership Starts With Self-Leadership at TEDxUCLouvain conference.


Lars Sudmann – Leadership expert

Good afternoon. Today I want to share with you my leadership utopia. And when I was discussing this with a friend of mine, he was asking: Leadership in Utopia? Would we need leadership in Utopia? Isn’t Utopia finally the place and the moment where we can get rid of all of these leaders and live free? Well, I don’t know.

I think in a Utopia there will be humans hopefully, and if they’re humans, they will hopefully still be social beings as well. And whenever there are social beings they come together as well and form sometimes groups, sometimes organizations as well. And when they are these organizations, then I think the words of Peter Drucker are true:

“Only three things happen naturally in organizations: Friction, confusion, and underperformance. Therefore you don’t need anything but everything else requires leadership.”

So I do think also in Utopia, we should look at the leadership but the question is: what kind of leadership? Should we look at the hero model of leadership where the shining star is the ideal person? I don’t know. Today I want to explore with your different kind of leadership, and for this I want you to do a little thought experiment.

Think about the best leader you have ever worked with. Take a couple of seconds. Think about that person. What did he or she do say and so on? Now all of you will have experience other people but I would dare to say I don’t think you will have things like well, you know, the way that person yelled at me in the morning that was excellent, that was — that was just brilliant, the way — and I wanted always have more. Probably not. Probably that person would have done different things. And I want to explore that together with you.

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