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Home » Microbiome: Gut Bugs and You by Warren Peters (Full Transcript)

Microbiome: Gut Bugs and You by Warren Peters (Full Transcript)

Warren Peters

Dr. Warren Peters meets his patients every day with a broad smile and a passion to make complex things simple, so people can make those difficult healthy lifestyle changes which will enhance their well-being.

In this talk, Warren Peters takes you on a journey into understanding your microbiome and the new discoveries changing the way we understand diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, and our everyday health and wellness.


When I was just a little boy, when I used the toilet, my mother taught me to wash my hands, and when I flushed and I looked at what was going down, I’d go, boy, you’d better wash your hands, you know?

And I had this little puppy, you know, this little dog, and when I saw what came out of his body, and if I stepped in it, I’d go, boy, I’d better wash my hands. And my mother taught me all about germs and how bad they were, and you should always wash your hands, and I believed her.

And then I grew up and I went to medical school, and we had the microscope. And we looked at these bacteria, and we heard these stories about how they caused these epidemics, and people dying all over the place, and then antibiotics came aboard.

And now we could actually stamp out these epidemics of these bad germs. And then, all of a sudden, I started hearing about the good bugs, and I go, “What’s that?”

And as we began to look at the actual genetics, this was the breakthrough that allowed us to actually understand our microbiome, particularly in our GI tract, because when I was just looking at them through a microscope, it was very limiting.

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