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Raymond Tang on Philosophy of Water (Full Transcript)

Raymond Tang

Raymond Tang grew up in Guangzhou, China. Inspired by his own cultural heritage, Raymond wants to help bridge the East and the West by applying ancient Chinese philosophy in the modern world.

Here is the full text of Raymond’s talk titled “Be Humble – and Other Lessons from the Philosophy of Water” presented at TED@Westpac in December 2017.


You may know this feeling: you wake up to multiple unread notifications on your mobile phone. Your calendar is already packed with meetings, sometimes double- or triple-booked.

You feel engaged, you feel busy. In fact, you feel productive. But at the end of it all, something still feels missing. You try to figure out what it is. But before you do, the next day starts all over again.

That was how I felt two years ago. I felt stressed; I felt anxious. I felt a bit trapped. The world around me was moving very quickly. And I didn’t know what to do.

I started wondering to myself: How do I keep up with all this? How do we find fulfillment in a world that’s literally changing as fast as we can think, or maybe even faster?

I started looking for answers. I spoke to many people, I spoke to my friends, I spoke to my family. I even read many self-help books. But I couldn’t find anything satisfactory. In fact, the more self-help books I read, the more stressed and anxious I became.

It was like I was feeding my mind with junk food, and I was becoming mentally obese. I was about to give up, until one day, I found this “The Tao Te Ching: The Book of the Way and Its Virtue.” This is an ancient Chinese philosophy classic that was written more than 2,600 years ago.

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