Why We Need To Fight Misinformation About Vaccines: Ethan Lindenberger (Transcript)

Ethan Lindenberger at TED Talks

Ethan Lindenberger – TED Talk TRANSCRIPT

To start, I want to share with you guys something about my hometown of Norwalk, Ohio.

Now, as this video stated, I am from Norwalk, which is an extremely small town, about 15,000 people. And really, in Norwalk, if you want to do something fun, you go to Walmart or drive half an hour to something more interesting.

And for Norwalk, I’ve lived there for my entire life, I’m a senior at the local public high school, and you know, it’s something to where I really enjoy my small town.

And I’m just a normal kid, you know, I lead debate clubs, I volunteer at my church.

And back in November of 2018, I made a small Reddit post asking for advice on an issue that I was encountering that I needed some clarification on. And this issue, as was stated in the introduction, was something towards vaccinations and how I was not immunized against various diseases, including polio and measles, as well as influenza, HPV, hepatitis — the standard vaccine someone my age would receive.

Now, this question I asked was simple and pretty strange, because I wanted to get vaccinated. That’s kind of weird, but it happened. And then this turned into a public story, because I wanted to get vaccinated.

So that was kind of strange, and then it blew up more, and I was doing interviews and talking to more people, and again, I’m a normal kid, I’m not a scientist, I don’t lead a non-profit, I am a pretty casual person, I’m wearing a hoodie.

Because of this question and this story, because I wanted to get vaccinated and this interesting situation I was in, I saw that I quickly was in this public setting of an extremely important controversy and discussion taking place.

Now, I saw that the stories and headlines were pretty accurate for most part, you know, “After defying anti-vax mom, Ohio teen expresses why he got vaccinated.” Pretty accurate, pretty true.

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And, as stated, I testified in front of a Senate committee, so there, they said, “This teen who self-vaccinated just ripped his mom’s anti-vaxer beliefs in front of Congress.”

OK, I didn’t really do that, but that’s fine. And certain news outlets took it a little further. “‘God knows how I’m still alive’: Teenager, 18, finally gets vaccinated and attacks his anti-vax parents.”

So I did not attack my parents, that’s not accurate at all. And you know, really, my story was more about controversy. It was about how my mom was bad and I was good, and I was ripping her a new one. Not true. Not what was happening.

I never was rude towards my mother, and even in public settings where I expressed how her beliefs were misinformed, I said that she was a loving mother, and that’s important to understand.

Because a lot of people, I think, in the scientific community that understand why vaccines are so important, can really be confused by someone who would not vaccinate.

Really, we can compare it to someone not taking their child to the ER. That’s a very dangerous situation to be in and it shows some lack of empathy towards your children in some regards.

And really, I can understand that, I can. But my mom, she was misinformed and misled by sources that convinced her that if she was a loving parent, she wouldn’t vaccinate.

Now, when I encountered this and I talked to my mom, it didn’t obviously go well at first, because I was wanting to do something that she thought would either cause autism or maim me for the rest of my life, and I said I wanted to do this — didn’t really fly, didn’t really go well.

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